Who We Are: Meet Sally and Sarah (and Fritz and Mac!)


Our names are Sarah Yuhas Schiltz and Sally Huizinga. Our love of dogs brought us together and we’re so excited to have built this awesome community of volunteers, fosters, and supporters who share that love with us. We started The Little Black Dog Rescue Group in December of 2020 in hopes that we could bring a compassion-centered rescue to the DMV. TLBDRG is named both for Sarah and Sally’s pups, and in honor of the many black dogs who are overlooked in shelters all over the US.  

Sarah is a dog lover by nature and organ transplant professional by trade. Her passion for dog training led her to the rescue world but it was the overwhelming need and incredible community that made The Little Black Dog Rescue Group a possibility.  Mac, a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, is Sarah’s little black dog and the absolute love of her life!

Sally is a DC native who found her way to the rescue world as a respite from the craziness of the political world in which she works. The youngest of four, she is a classic youngest child – which is probably part of the reason she said yes when Sarah called with the crazy idea of starting a rescue. Sally’s little black dog is Fritz – a husky/shepherd mix with strong opinions and a loud singing voice (which he uses frequently).  

Both of us have been so blown away by the wonderful group of people we've met through our experiences in the rescue world, without whom TLBD would never have come to fruition. It's because of our tireless volunteers, energetic supporters, and of course wonderful families we were able to start this rescue. A huge shout out is needed for both our families who have given up their homes to countless fosters, built websites, donated time, and been on the receiving end of many brainstorming sessions.

We're looking forward to saving many good boys and girls, but above all else, we want TLBDRG to be a community of people brought together by their love of dogs, and look forward to having you here!  

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