WELCOME HOME February Pups!

Welcome Home to our Recently Adopted Pups! 

Congratulations to our recently adopted puppies! In February we sent home 22 pups. We are so happy to see them settling nicely into their new homes and to welcome their new families to the TLBD community. These pups will always be TLBD alums and we can't wait to watch them grow, play, and learn with their forever families. We checked in to see how they're doing and this is what some of our newest families they had to say:


Archie (Formerly Murphy)

“He is curious and never misses a chance to snuggle next to me. He already knows how to sit and lay down and working on the resource guarding. He’s almost sleeping through the night and has picked up how the potty training works”.


“Grizz is settling in beautifully and making himself right at home. He has already adjusted well to the crate and is making great progress on potty training. He even found his new favorite chair, though he won’t fit in it for long!”


“Mia is settling in well- getting used to the craziness of 2 kids and tentatively making friends with our kitten (whose not quite sure). We look forward to them growing up together over the coming years!”

Ranger (Formerly Gent)

“Ranger is settling in beautifully. He is the sweetest guy and is working on his manners. He is my shadow during the day, and manages to make everyone in my family feel like he likes them best. (Smart boy!) We are so glad he’s part of our family!”


“He is still the sweetest little man but has definitely found more of a spunky personality and will do anything for treats (we’ve mastered sit and down). His favorite things are cuddling on the couch with mom and dad as well as playing with his new puppy friend Pepper… He fits so perfectly and we are so in love with him” 


“Bagel has made our house his home since day one. He makes every day so much better, even on the bad days! He is full of spunk, so curious, and a very loving snuggle buddy”

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