Spotlight On: The Little Black Dog Foster Community

One of the things that makes The Little Black Dog Rescue Group (TLBD) so unique is that we're a foster based rescue, meaning our dogs don't live in a central shelter while awaiting adoption, but are instead placed in loving foster homes around the D.C. area.

We're incredibly grateful for our entire foster community and the time, energy, and love they provide for our pups. Their commitment to TLBD does not go unnoticed, and this month, we'd like to recognize and celebrate members of this community who have gone above-and-beyond in their devotion to our dogs.

To do this, we've asked several of our dedicated foster families to share their reasons for opening their hearts and homes to the dogs of TLBD.

Kali Griggs (foster for Brixx and Johnny)

What is your favorite foster success story?

We’ve had Johnny since the first night he was able to separate from his mother. He’s incredibly smart, and it’s been a joy training him and watching him succeed. (Johnny and his littermates are available for adoption! Find out more here.) 

In your opinion, what sets The Little Black Dog apart from other rescues?

You’re always available for fosters, adopters and, most importantly, the dogs. There are so many dogs that need love, and TLBD makes sure those dogs go to safe homes. We’ve had such a wonderful experience as fosters!

Katrina Hufnagel (foster for Saffron, Sissy and Bo; mom to TLBD alum Angie)

Why did you start fostering with The Little Black Dog?

The support we experienced when we were fostering-to-adopt with [TLBD alum] Angie was truly incredible. TLBD answered our million questions and offered guidance while we were learning how to care for a special needs pup. You continue to stay invested and offer support post-adoption, which I believe speaks volumes to the type of organization you are.

What’s your favorite foster success story?

Our current foster, Bo! He is a different dog since arriving from Palestine a few months ago. It's been incredible to watch all the small wins add up to a huge overall transformation. (Bo is available for adoption! Find out more about him here.)

In your opinion, what sets The Little Black Dog apart from other rescues?

You are truly invested in all of your pups, from the newest rescues to the longest adopted. You have created a welcoming community for rescue pups and their families. The adoption events are also always unique and fun to attend!

Erin Phifer (foster for Lil Debbie, Lizzie, Alfredo, Juniper, Bear, Feta, Harlie and Jorge)

Why did you start fostering with The Little Black Dog?

We volunteered with TLBD before we fostered, but fostering has always been a dream of mine. The foster team was so supportive and I got to see firsthand how great the program was before we jumped in. It's such important work–  without fosters, these dogs may not be rescued. 

What’s your favorite foster success story?

Juniper was the most shy, quiet, scared dog when I picked her up from transport. She came from Puerto Rico with her siblings, and was one of the most nervous pups I had ever met. I remember the first time she played with me (tug-of-war); it was such a special moment because she was warming up to us and coming out of her shell. Once she got comfortable, she was the goofiest, most ridiculous pup. Most of our fosters have come into the home and immediately made themselves at home, but Juniper took a minute. That made it all the more rewarding when she got comfortable and learned to trust us.

Without our foster community, TLBD could not exist. Their support is critical to the work TLBD does every day and the impact we have in the lives of our rescue pups. If you’d like to learn more about fostering with The Little Black Dog, please visit the “Ways to  Help” section of our website.

Thank you, fosters!

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