Dog Tails: Walter

Here at The Little Black Dog, we love an underdog! This is especially true when it comes to our buddy, Walter, a three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix transported to the DMV from Texas.

Walter was a long-term resident at a vet's office in Texas. He was brought in for a skin allergy and then abandoned by his previous owner. This poor boy suffered from depression after being left behind by his family, and, coupled with his skin condition, it seemed as though Walter might never find his happy ending.

But -- Walter is resilient, and despite the hard times he has been through, and with every excuse in the world to be a grumpy boy, he’s just the opposite. Walter is a happy and affectionate pup --- and don’t even try to convince him that he’s not a lap dog despite weighing 73 pounds! He’s also a huge fan of puzzles, toys and tricks (this good boy knows sit, down, high five and wait), and is eager to keep learning in his forever home. Walter is also fully housebroken, fully crate trained and walks well on a leash.

Walter has really come out of his shell since being rescued, and his foster family has made such an incredible difference in his life.

Walter is undergoing treatment for a serious skin condition, but he’s been significantly improving each day with the care and support of his loving foster parents. He stays healthy with nightly meds and regular medicated baths and bleach rinses (which sound scarier than they are!), under the management of his vet.

We know Walter’s condition may seem overwhelming for potential adopters at first, so we recommend checking out the “Walter” highlight on our Instagram where his foster parents do a great job of breaking down his skincare routine. Who knows? Maybe Walter could be the next great beauty influencer!

Check out his fosters’ Instagram page, @foster_mardanov, to see this playful side of Walter.

This extra-special boy deserves an extra-special home, and we know the right forever family for Walter is out there!

If you’d like to learn more about Walter, check out his adoption profile on the TLBD website, the @foster_mardanov Instagram account, or his highlight on our Instagram!

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